Sensors / Pressure sensors / DAR120
Pressure sensor in stainless steel design

  • Records pressures in liquid and gaseous refrigerants in refrigerating plants

  • Converts pressure into a standard electrical signal 4...20mA

  • Version 0…120bar = 4…20mA

  • Compact design with integrated signal amplifier

  • Polarity-safe, plug-in connection by two-wire fabricated cable (3.5m) with M12 connector

  • Fully welded, metal measurement cell with excellent overload protection

  • No mechanical ageing, high temperature resistance

  • Compatible with all standard refrigerants,  incl. propane/R290 (CH3CH2CH3), ammonia/R717 (NH3) and carbon dioxide/R744 (CO2)

  • Standard thread for refrigeration technology

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