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Dew point-guided power controller for glass and handrail heaters in combination with DCC-XP

  • Cost-optimised operation

  • Used in combination with DCC-XP from Version 5

  • Room temperature sensor and humidity sensor can be connected to the device or over a CAN bus (TRH-XP, TRS)

  • Emergency power mode to avoid load peaks by digital input

  • Display of market temperature, relative humidity, dew point and operating time

  • 4 phase-shifted outputs each for 2 ECA970 electronic load relays

  • Even distribution of current loads

  • 8 different control characteristics per channel for all standard refrigeration units

  • Adjustable minimum operating time per channel

  • Good temperature stability with 72 switchings per hour

  • Operating time storage for statistical evaluation

  • Graphical representation of power consumption in FRIGODATA XP

  • Simple parameter settings

  • Foreign-language front plates available on request

  • Direct connection of a CAN-USB to the service socket

  • Connection to the Wurm system via a communication bus (CAN bus) and FRIGODATA XP


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CAN-USB Mobiler CAN-PC converter
TRSEnthalpy shift module for setpoint shifting, used in combination with DCC-XP
TRH-XPBus-enabled dew-point controller with integrated temperature sensor and humidity sensor
ECA970Electronic load relay for contactless switching of glass and handrail heaters
NT24Power supply unit for 230V~ / 24V=
TERDoor installation frame for installation of individual devices in control cabinet doors
SNT24Power supply unit for 24V=
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