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Cold location controller for conventional plants, up to 4 control circuits (evaporator)

  • Control functions for 4 control circuits/evaporators

  • Suitable for all cold locations, such as cold rooms and refrigeration units

  • Basic functional sequences and parameters preprogrammed through selection of cold location type

  • Operating modes for 3-point control

  • 2nd setpoint by digital input

  • Different weightings selectable for 2 control sensors in day and night operation

  • Intelligent fan control

  • Thermal fan control and draining time after defrosting

  • Suitable for electric, forced air, hot gas and cool gas defrosting

  • Defrost control by real-time clock with power reserve

  • Simple defrost synchronisation of multiple control units (master-slave)

  • For 8 defrost times, daily or only every xth day

  • Plug-in screw terminals

  • Large data memory for temperature list

  • Foreign-language front plates available on request

  • Direct connection of a CAN-USB to the service socket

  • Connection to the Wurm system via a communication bus (CAN bus) and FRIGODATA XP

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Sprache: DE

 CRC-XP_V2.9.3_DB_2018-01_DE.pdfDatenblattDE2.9.315.12.2017221,34 KB
 CRC-XP_V2.92_PI_2019-03_DE.pdfProduktinformationDE2.9201.04.2019965,79 KB

Sprache: EN

 CRC-XP_V2.9.3_DB_2018-01_EN.pdfDatenblattEN2.9.315.12.2017219,01 KB
 CRC-XP_V2.92_PI_2019-03_EN.pdfProduktinformationEN2.9201.04.2019524,85 KB

Sprache: FR

 CRC-XP_V2.9.3_DB_2018-01_FR.pdfDatenblattFR2.9.318.12.2017142,85 KB

Sprache: IT

 CRC-XP_V2.9.3_DB_2018-01_IT.pdfDatenblattIT2.9.318.12.2017114,28 KB

Sprache: NL

 CRC-XP_V2.9.3_DB_2018-01_NL.pdfDatenblattNL2.9.318.12.2017221,75 KB
DateinameKategorieSpracheVersionLetzte AktualisierungGröße
CRC-XP_V2.91_DB_2016-01_EN.pdfDatenblattEN2.9120.01.2016235,04 KB
CRC-XP_V2.91_DB_2016-01_DE.pdfDatenblattDE2.9120.01.2016248,38 KB
CRC-XP_V2.91_DB_2016-01_FR.pdfDatenblattFR2.9119.01.2016231,67 KB
CRC-XP_V2.91_DB_2016-01_IT.pdfDatenblattIT2.9119.01.2016270,55 KB
CRC-XP_V2.91_DB_2016-01_NL.pdfDatenblattNL2.9119.01.2016271,7 KB
TERDoor installation frame for installation of individual devices in control cabinet doors
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