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Universal input and output module

Features of universal input and output module (Wurm-CAN-communication bus (C-BUS))

  • The functions of the inputs and outputs depend on the respective application!

  • 8 operating or fault messages and control commands 230V~

  • 4 relay switching outputs at 230V~

  • Integrated power supply for CAN bus and relay

  • No parameters to be set on the device

  • Setting of the module number by user-friendly coding switch

  • Connection to the Wurm system by C-BUS and FRIGODATA XP

Features of defrost module (Wurm CAN field bus (F-BUS) of HKS-G3/G4)

  • One defrost module is possible per F-BUS

  • Forced cooling for cold location groups (hot gas and cool gas defrosting)

  • By suppressing the cooling command of all cold locations in a defrost group, additional safety functions can be implemented for the associated rack

  • The digital outputs (K1...K3) are set if a cold location within a defrost group is defrosting

  • Integrated power supply for CAN bus and relay

  • Connection to master module via F-BUS

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