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Wireless product temperature sensor with battery


  • W-LINKpro-B product temperature sensor for installation in refrigeration units

  • Wireless transmission of temperatures

  • Battery operated

  • 2 control keys and 1 LED (green/red) for status display

  • Easy installation with cable straps, adhesive pad or mounting plate

  • Similar product behaviour


Device variants:

  • W-LINKpro-B with internal temperature sensor

  • W-LINKpro-BE with 1m cable sensor

  • W-LINKpro-BE01 with 0.1m cable sensor

  • W-LINKpro-BE3 with 3m cable sensor


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W-LINKproWireless product temperature sensor
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W-LINKpro-M1Installation plate for W-LINKpro, W-LINKpro-E, W-LINKpro-E01
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