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Cold location controller for installation in refrigeration units or control cabinet doors

  • Suitable for all cold location types, such as cold rooms and refrigeration units

  • Suitable for propane in accordance with EN 60079-15

  • Superheating and constant temperature control in combination with separate EEV module

  • Connection for 3 temperature sensors (supply air, return air and limit sensor)

  • Weighting of 2 control sensors

  • 2nd setpoint and independent day / night changeover

  • Input for door contact switch with adjustable timed interruption of cooling

  • Shock freeze function

  • Forced air, electric, hot or cool gas defrost

  • Synchronised defrost of several cold location controllers

  • Defrosting over fixed times or cyclical interval

  • Thermostatic fan control

  • Run-up, run-down function of the fan control

  • Mode-dependent fan control through analogue output with adjustable speeds

  • Oscillation protection and runtime monitoring

  • Compressor protection activated through digital input

  • 3-point control, e.g. for heating function

  • Temperature control with external frequency converter (FC)

  • Built-in real-time clock with power reserve

  • Large data memory for temperature list

  • Quick installation

  • Direct connection of a CAN-USB to the service socket

  • Connection to the Wurm system via a communication bus (CAN bus) and FRIGODATA XP

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 CRDP-XP_V3.9.6_PI_2018-08_DE.pdfProduktinformationDE3.9.629.08.2018800,04 KB
 CRD-XP_CRDP-XP_V3.9.4_DB_2018-01_DE.pdfDatenblattDE3.9.415.12.2017241,69 KB

Sprache: EN

 CRDP-XP_V3.9.6_PI_2018-08_EN.pdfProduktinformationEN3.9.629.08.20181,01 MB
 CRD-XP_CRDP-XP_V3.9.4_DB_2018-01_EN.pdfDatenblattEN3.9.415.12.2017240,66 KB

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 CRD-XP_CRDP-XP_V3.9.4_DB_2018-01_FR.pdfDatenblattFR3.9.418.12.2017162,78 KB

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 CRD-XP_CRDP-XP_V3.9.4_DB_2018-01_NL.pdfDatenblattNL3.9.418.12.2017243,47 KB

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 CRDP-XP_V3.9.6_PI_2018-08_RU.pdfProduktinformationRU3.9.612.12.20181,22 MB
CRD-XPCold location controller for installation in refrigeration units or control cabinet doors
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CRDP-XP_V3.9.5_PI_2018-01_EN.pdfProduktinformationEN3.9.523.03.2018371,66 KB
CRDP-XP_V3.9.5_PI_2018-01_DE.pdfProduktinformationDE3.9.519.01.2018388,72 KB
ZCB-CPrefabricated cables
DSP002Remote display for cold locations, display height 7mm
DSP100Remote display for cold locations, display height 14mm
DSP-LCDRemote display for cold locations in thermometer cut-out
DSP-Booster4x power amplifier for remote display
EEV moduleControl module for electronic expansion valves
TR9-9-4Transformer for power supply for FKD003, FKE003, CRD-XP and CRDP-XP
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