Web portal for plant analysis and documentation

FRIGODATA ONLINE 2.0 encompasses the established scope of FRIGODATA ONLINE with a clear design and improved operability. Widgets in the dashboard display clear information on usage, faults, plant safety and efficiency in a condensed form and are easy to understand at first glance.

FRIGODATA ONLINE 2.0 is optimised for mobile end devices.


  • Independent of platform and location

  • Can be used on computers and mobile end devices

  • High security with https

  • Authentication via OneID, SMS or e-mail code

  • Automatic update service

  • Display and navigation of structured plant diagrams

  • Data backup and archiving


  • Temperature documentation according to HACCP with acknowledgement management

  • Call up all control and monitoring modules

  • Parameterisation of all control and monitoring modules via direct connection to the plant (LIVE mode)

  • Numerous search criteria allow easier project administration

  • Interactive graphics and tables

  • Data export to Excel® and PDF format

  • Server-to-server data exchange

  • Frigodoc Xpress: clearly arranged temperature documentation with 10-minute data updates for the store manager

  • PDCA support for energy management compliant with legal requirements (TÜV-certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001)

System requirements

  • Access to the Internet

  • Web browser (Internet Explorer® version 10 or later, Firefox®, Safari®…)

  • Access authorisation

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FRIGODATAONLINE2.0_Vx.x_DB_2018-01_IT.pdfDatenblattITx.x08.01.2018714,12 KB
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