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Field module with output for EEV for cold locations

  • Control of one evaporator per module

  • Operation of electronic expansion valves:

    • Constant through output 0...10V

    • Pulsed, 230V~ / 230V= with ATV230

  • Connection of an external display

  • Connection of glass and handrail heaters on free display output through ECA970

  • Fixed input/output allocation for sensors, control inputs and relays

  • Emergency program in case of CAN bus errors

  • No parameters to be set on the device

  • CAN bus connection via patch cable and screw terminals (4-pin)

  • Replaces FKV002B

  • Connection to master module via Wurm CAN field bus (F-BUS)

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FKV003_V3.0_PI_2016-03_EN.pdfProduktinformationEN3.011.03.2016663,88 KB
FKV003_V3.0_PI_2016-03_DE.pdfProduktinformationDE3.011.03.2016908,41 KB
FKV003_V3.0_PI_2016-03_FR.pdfProduktinformationFR3.011.03.2016680,94 KB
FKV003_V3.0_PI_2016-03_NL.pdfProduktinformationNL3.021.04.2016663,24 KB
ZCB-CPrefabricated cables
ATV230Control module for electronic expansion valves
DSP002Remote display for cold locations, display height 7mm
DSP100Remote display for cold locations, display height 14mm
DSP-LCDRemote display for cold locations in thermometer cut-out
DSP-Booster4x power amplifier for remote display
ECA970Electronic load relay for contactless switching of glass and handrail heaters
TERDoor installation frame for installation of individual devices in control cabinet doors
ZCB-ADPCAN bus adapter
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