FRIGOLINK / Product range / Special / ANI-2F1
Process control module for CO₂ refrigeration plants with compound and gas cooler control

  • Standard compound controller with up to 2 compressors controlled by evaporation temperature

    • Compressor 1 constant (FC), compressor 2 directly controlled

    • FC compressor based on best COP

    • Monitoring of suction gas temperature

    • Oscillation protection function

    • Blocking time after compressor fault

    • Three-step load shedding and fast return flow

    • Operating hours counter for each compressor

  • High and medium pressure control

  • Gas cooler fan control

  • Refrigerant monitoring

  • CAN bus connection via patch cable

  • Fastening via top-hat rail

  • Connection to the Wurm system through a Wurm CAN communication bus (C-BUS) and FRIGODATA XP

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ANI-COperating element for FRIGOLINK ANMINUS platform
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