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Compound control for plants with digital scroll compressors and integrated condensation pressure control

  • Control of 1 digital scroll compressor and 2 standard scroll compressors

  • Voltage control via 0…10V input

  • Suction pressure shift by switching contact or enthalpy

  • Constant condensation pressure control by speed regulator

  • Monitoring of final compression temperature of the digital scroll compressor

  • Individual monitoring of the temperature switches of each compressor

  • Foreign-language front plates available on request

  • Direct connection of a CAN-USB to the service socket

  • Connection to the Wurm system through a Wurm CAN communication bus (C-BUS) and FRIGODATA XP

DateinameKategorieSpracheVersionLetzte AktualisierungGröße
DSC-XP_V2.3.0_DB_2018-01_EN.pdfDatenblattEN2.,33 KB
DSC-XP_V2.3.0_DB_2018-01_DE.pdfDatenblattDE2.,88 KB
DSC-XP_V2.3.0_DB_2018-01_FR.pdfDatenblattFR2.,39 KB
DSC-XP_V2.3.0_DB_2018-01_IT.pdfDatenblattIT2.,16 KB
DSC-XP_V2.3.0_DB_2018-01_NL.pdfDatenblattNL2.,23 KB
DateinameKategorieSpracheVersionLetzte AktualisierungGröße
DSC-XP_V2.20_DB_2016-01_EN.pdfDatenblattEN2.2020.01.2016233,19 KB
DSC-XP_V2.20_DB_2016-01_DE.pdfDatenblattDE2.2020.01.2016226,54 KB
DSC-XP_V2.20_DB_2016-01_FR.pdfDatenblattFR2.2019.01.2016225,43 KB
DSC-XP_V2.20_DB_2016-01_IT.pdfDatenblattIT2.2019.01.2016225,33 KB
DSC-XP_V2.20_DB_2016-01_NL.pdfDatenblattNL2.2019.01.2016246,05 KB
CAN-USB Mobiler CAN-PC converter
ADCMultiple contact switch for DCC-XP, DCT-XP and DSC-XP
TRH-XPBus-enabled dew-point controller with integrated temperature sensor and humidity sensor
TERDoor installation frame for installation of individual devices in control cabinet doors
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