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Master module for compressor racks with Modbus connection

  • Controller with high-performance controller and large internal memory for complex control and management tasks

  • Simple start-up through parameter setting of the plants with presettings from the expert database

  • Connection of 8 compound field modules

  • Control of 16 compressors (depending on compressor type, field module and operating mode)

  • Compressor control according to COP

  • Differentiation of unused sensors and faulty sensors

  • Control circuits:

    • Suction pressure control or secondary refrigerant control

    • Condenser control

    • Control for the secondary refrigerant pumps

    • Control of electronic expansion valves

    • Monitoring of an individual plant

  • Control process:

    • Standard multiple contact switch with base load change

    • Compressor control with frequency converter

    • Frigotakt+

  • Integrated relay outputs

  • CAN bus connection by patch cable and push-in terminals

  • Multilingual menu prompting (DE/EN/FR/NL)

  • Wurm G4 operating concept

  • Innovative user interface with Sticky Keys

  • Graphical display with backlighting, plain text, 6 operating keys, and 1 Info button

  • Context-sensitive Help with links to Wurm paperless info App

  • Direct navigation by Quicklink

  • Interchangeable with FRIGOLINK-G3

  • Connection to the Wurm system through a Wurm CAN communication bus (C-BUS) and FRIGODATA XP

  • High level of safety thanks to the galvanically isolated Wurm CAN field bus (F-BUS) used to connect the field modules

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Sprache: DE

 HVB-G4-M_V8.0.0_PI_2017-05_DE.pdfProduktinformationDE8.,85 KB

Sprache: EN

 HVB-G4-M_V8.0.0_PI_2017-05_EN.pdfProduktinformationEN8.,8 KB

Sprache: FR

 HVB-G4-M_V9.0.0_DB_2018-01_FR.pdfDatenblattFR9.,44 KB

Sprache: IT

 HVB-G4-M_V9.0.0_DB_2018-01_IT.pdfDatenblattIT9.,53 KB

Sprache: NL

 HVB-G4-M_V9.0.0_DB_2018-01_NL.pdfDatenblattNL9.,51 KB
HVB-G4Master module for compressor racks
DateinameKategorieSpracheVersionLetzte AktualisierungGröße
MGR131, MGR141, MGR231, MGR241Installation frame for master modules, switch cards, adapters and dummy plates
ZEMTension device for frameless installation of master modules G3 and G4
ZCB-CPrefabricated cables
ZCB-ADPCAN bus adapter
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