UNIVERSAL XP / Product range / Consumption recording / PIC-XP
3-channel pulse counter for consumption recording

  • Consumption recording of electrical energy, water and gas using meters with pulse output
  • 3 independent measurement channels
  • Adjustment to commercially available pulse generators by simple setting of separate parameters for pulse generators and current converters
  • Synchronisation with the quarter-hour signal of the public utility company (PUC)
  • Consumption recording for high and low tariffs
  • Correct recording, synchronised with PUC, and internal memory storage of power consumption for evaluating power peaks
  • Saving of extensive consumption values for statistical analysis
  • Graphical presentation of power consumption and querying of consumption meters and statistics using FRIGODATA XP
  • Plug-in screw terminals
  • Temperature documentation with temperature sensor TRK277
  • Simple parameter settings
  • Connection to the Wurm system via a Wurm CAN communication bus (CBUS) and FRIGODATA XP


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PIC-XP_V1.9.2_DB_2018-01_EN.pdfDatenblattEN1.,58 KB
PIC-XP_V1.9.2_DB_2018-01_DE.pdfDatenblattDE1.,96 KB
PIC-XP_V1.9.2_DB_2018-01_FR.pdfDatenblattFR1.,43 KB
PIC-XP_V1.9.2_DB_2018-01_IT.pdfDatenblattIT1.,79 KB
PIC-XP_V1.9.2_DB_2018-01_NL.pdfDatenblattNL1.,13 KB
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PIC-XP_V1.91_DB_2016-01_EN.pdfDatenblattEN1.9119.01.2016216,47 KB
PIC-XP_V1.91_DB_2016-01_DE.pdfDatenblattDE1.9120.01.2016216,9 KB
PIC-XP_V1.91_DB_2016-01_FR.pdfDatenblattFR1.9119.01.2016216,46 KB
PIC-XP_V1.91_DB_2016-01_IT.pdfDatenblattIT1.9119.01.2016238,4 KB
PIC-XP_V1.91_DB_2016-01_NL.pdfDatenblattNL1.9119.01.2016229,2 KB
TRK277Precision temperature sensors
TERDoor installation frame for installation individual devices in control cabinet doors
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