FRIGOLINK / Product range / Special / HCO₂
Master module for process control of CO₂ refrigeration plants with two-stage pressure reduction

  • High and medium pressure control

  • Gas cooling fan control

  • Additional control circuits for:

    • Load shedding

    • Desuperheater

    • Post-injection

    • Refrigerant monitoring

    • Heat recovery including heat quantity calculation and process evaluation

    • Pressure monitoring

  • Connection of 2 or 3 field modules of the FKVxxx type required, depending on the selected scope of functions

  • Integrated relay outputs

  • Graphical display with backlighting and 8 operating keys

  • CAN bus connection via patch cable and push-in terminals

  • Fastening in the installation frame, or individual installation without frame

  • Connection to the Wurm system through a Wurm CAN communication bus (C-BUS) and FRIGODATA XP

  • High level of safety thanks to the galvanically isolated Wurm CAN field bus (F-BUS) used to connect the field modules

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MGR131, MGR141, MGR231, MGR241Installation frame for master modules, switch cards, adapters and dummy plates
ZEMTension device for frameless installation of master modules G3 and G4
ZCB-CPrefabricated cables
ZCB-ADPCAN bus adapter
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