Alarm devices / Multicenter V2
Central display and warning board with ZMAR surface frame

  • Plant status indication with signal tone, plain text display and colour change on the display

  • Fault list with current faults

  • Plain text messages from cold locations, from 5 digital input DIN-XP modules and building technology

  • Event list with fault history

  • 4 alarm lines with relay, priority and group assignments

  • Selectable relay function: continuous signal, wiping pulse, new-value message

  • 6 adjustable and freely nameable service interval displays, e.g. for plant maintenance, heating, cleaning

  • Current temperature list for 120 possible temperatures (FRIGOLINK, FRIGOENTRY, W-LINKpro, building technology)

  • Temperature recording according to HACCP for 40 temperature positions each with 8 temperatures per day (400 days)

  • Overview of all communication participants

  • 5 freely definable function keys with selectable relay function for internal relays or with CAN bus switch module BSM001

  • Individual labelling of function keys with slide-in paper strips

  • Central clock function with selectable automatic summer/winter time changeover

  • Standard display with customisable individual graphic, such as company logo

  • Connection to the Wurm system via a communication bus (CAN bus) and FRIGODATA XP

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Multicenter_V2.60_DB_2016-01_DE.pdfDatenblattDE2.6020.01.2016269,86 KB
Multicenter_V2.60_DB_2016-01_FR.pdfDatenblattFR2.6019.01.2016268,07 KB
Multicenter_V2.60_DB_2016-01_IT.pdfDatenblattIT2.6019.01.2016275,55 KB
Multicenter_V2.60_DB_2016-01_NL.pdfDatenblattNL2.6019.01.2016270,7 KB
BSM001Decentralised switch module for CAN bus
ZMARInstallation plate for surface fastening of a multicenter
DIN-XPInput module with 16 operating inputs or fault inputs
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