Gateway / CMD300
Multi-communication gateway

  • Data interface to plants with Wurm control

  • Connection via LAN or an external modem

  • Simultaneous access of several users possible via several routes

  • Convenient visualisation and operation with FRIGODATA XP

  • Support for the CAN-AP for the Bluetooth® Low Energy access with Frida App

  • 2 separate Wurm CAN communication buses (C-BUS) each with 120 addresses and 3 subsections

  • Direct connection of a PC with FRIGODATA XP

  • Various alarm destinations and fault transmission routes per subsection

  • Subsection-differentiated access management

  • Plot data and DOKUPLOT data saved for up to 2 years

  • Saving of temperature data in accordance with HACCP standard

  • Connection to the Wurm system by C-BUS and FRIGODATA XP

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MOD-GSMExternal GSM modem
FIO001BUniversal input and output module
FIO-PATUniversal input and output module
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