UNIVERSAL XP / Product range / Alarm module / ASC-XP
Active alarm module for monitoring of 16 control units via CAN bus

  • Connection to CAN bus for monitoring controllers

  • Monitoring of 16 control units of the FRIGOLINK, FRIGOENTRY and UNIVERSAL XP series, divided into 4 groups with 4 control units each

  • Surveillance of fault statuses of the assigned devices

  • Failure monitoring of the assigned devices

  • Group alarm by relay

  • Clear display of the fault and the alarm channel

  • Simple parameter settings

  • Plug-in screw terminals

  • Large data memory for alarm history

  • Documentation of the 4 digital inputs

  • Clear text designation of alarm outputs and digital inputs in FRIGODATA XP

  • Foreign-language front plates available on request

  • Connection to the Wurm system via a communication bus (CAN bus) and FRIGODATA XP


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TERDoor installation frame for installation of individual devices in control cabinet doors
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