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Master module for compound systems

  • Master module for a compound system or a refrigerant system
  • Condenser control
  • Up to 16 compressors controllable (dependent on the compressor type)
  • Connection of a maximum of 8 field modules of type FVBxxxB and FIO001B
  • Control circuits:
    • Suction pressure control or refrigerant control
    • Condenser control
    • Control for the refrigerant pumps
    • Control of an electronic expansion valve
    • Monitoring of an individual system (optional)
  • Control process of the compound system:
    • Standard multiple contact switch with base load change
    • Compressor control with frequency converter
    • Frigotaktplus
  • 4-line, blue-lit plain text display with 8-button control panel
  • Foreign-language menu prompting on request
  • Simple start-up through parameter setting of the systems with presettings from the expert database.
  • Compressor control according to COP
  • Connection to the Wurm system via CAN bus connection and Frigodata XP
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HVB-G3Master module for compressor racks
HVB-G4Master module for compressor racks
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