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Master module for industrial compressor racks with Modbus connection

  • Simple start-up through parameter setting of the plants with presettings from the expert database

  • Connection of 12 compound field modules

  • Control of 16 compressors (depending on compressor type, field module type and operating mode)

  • Compressor control according to COP

  • Differentiation of unused sensors and faulty sensors

  • Control circuits:

    • Suction pressure or secondary refrigerant control

    • Condenser control

    • Control for the secondary refrigerant pumps

    • Control of electronic expansion valves

    • Free cooler

    • Monitoring of an individual plant

  • Control process:

    • Standard multiple contact switch with base load change

    • Master-slave for reducing switching cycles in industrial systems

    • Compressor control with frequency converter

    • Standard with variable delay times

    • Frigotakt+

  • Integrated relay outputs

  • CAN bus connection by patch cable and push-in terminals

  • Multilingual menu prompting (DE/EN/FR/NL)

  • Wurm G4 operating concept

  • Innovative user interface with Sticky Keys

  • Graphical display with backlighting, plain text, 6 operating keys, and 1 Info button

  • Context-sensitive Help with links to Wurm paperless info App

  • Direct navigation by Quicklink

  • Interchangeable with FRIGOLINK-G3

  • Connection to the Wurm system through a Wurm CAN communication bus (C-BUS) and FRIGODATA XP

  • High level of safety thanks to the galvanically isolated Wurm CAN field bus (F-BUS) used to connect the field modules

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 HVI-G4-M_V8.0.0_PI_2017-05_DE.pdfProduktinformationDE8.,92 KB

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Sprache: NL

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HVI-G4Master module for industrial compressor racks
DateinameKategorieSpracheVersionLetzte AktualisierungGröße
MGR131, MGR141, MGR231, MGR241Installation frame for master modules, switch cards, adapters and dummy plates
ZCB-CPrefabricated cables
ZCB-ADPCAN bus adapter
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